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Mining Simplified

Pick A Miner and A Hosting Package; Just Like Mining From Your Backyard

Lowest Cost

4.5 USD Cents / KWh All Costs Included; When We Say Lowest, We Mean it


Your Miner Hooked To Your Mining Pool Account; We Never Touch Your Money


Monitored data centre tended to by trained staff 24/7/365

Surveillance cameras installed in multiple locations

Insurance fund to make customers whole in extreme situations

Low Cost

Take advantage of China's "surplus" hydropower and locally-manufactured hardware

Small and nimble team with low overhead

All costs converted into USD / kWh; no hidden cost


50% upfront payment and three days grace period

Divest any time in China's liquid secondhand market

Mine with any pool of your choice


Registered outside China and caters to overseas users

Institutional clients located in the United States and Europe

About SinoHash

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